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Differences Between Switchboards, Switchgears, and Panelboards


What Are the Main Differences Between Switchgears, Panelboards and Switchboards?
  Switchgear Switchboards Panelboards
  Substations Industrial  
Standards ANSI STD C37.20.1
UL STD 1558
UL 891
UL 67
UL 50
Lug Standards ANSI/NEMA CC 1-2009    
Lug Mounting Bolt Configuration NEMA C1-2009
1/2" bolt and 1.75" spacing
3/8" bolt and 1.375" spacing (?) 3/8" bolt and 1.375" spacing (?)
Dielectric Voltage 2200 V 2X Rated Volts + 1000V 2X Rated Volts + 1000V
In Use Voltages Nominal Voltage + 5.8% Nominal Voltage 240V, 480V, 600V  
Circuit Protection LV PCB
(Low Voltage power curent breakers)
ANSI 37-13
ICCB In Circuit Circuit Breaker
Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Fusible Switches UL508 and UL 977
Fusible Switches UL 98
Power Circuit Breaker UL 1066
5000A Max Main
Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Fusible Switches UL 98
1200A Max Main
Short Circuit Test Unfused 15% PF (Power Factor) 30 cycles 20% PF (Power Factor) 3 cycles
Must have "instantaneous" trip
funtion to maintain UL 891 rating
Panel Mounting and Access Generally requires rear and front access which takes up more space Free Standing
May be mounted against a wall if < 45" deep allowing front access only but saves space
Front or rear access
Flush or surface wall-mounted with front access only
Cost Continuity of Power Generallly higher cost but increased power continuity likelihood Generally lower cost but more likely than switchgear to have a power trip outage  
Phases   Usually 3 phase 1 or 3 phase


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